Las Vegas Care Repair Shop Owner’s Path to Success and Changing Industry

Tymrk LLC’s latest update.

For Honest-1, car repair isn’t simply about addressing the vehicle’s needs and sending the owner on their way. According to an article recently completed for Vegas Inc, the owners of this unique car repair shop seek to educate every customer that walks through their doors, particularly on any and all matters related to insuring their car is running in the best condition possible.


The journey of the owner to the operation of Honest-1 is a unique path, taking the course of almost two decades in the industry to achieve his goal of owning his own shop. Even in his youth, the owner was surrounded by those who were fascinated by cars and, therefore, became enthralled with vehicles himself. When he joined the industry, he worked in the parts and accessories side of the industry, often braving the dangers of the California freeway system to insure timely delivery of parts.

He paid his dues and slowly worked his way up to the parts counter. The owner claims this period of his life was particularly educational, as he was blessed with an opportunity to work with individuals who taught him the true importance of the needs of the consumer in retail and wholesale auto repair. To this very day, the owner declares these are the skills he harnesses most often.
In 2005, the to-be owner of Honest-1 was called at the request of a regional developer to look into a struggling franchise in the area. The current owner and family wanted out of the industry and, therefore, a position had opened. It was perfect timing, really, as seventeen years of industry training and experience allowed the owner to turn the franchise around. He claims that his focus was on changes in staffing, scheduling, product procurement, inventory and vendor relations. Overall, the implementation of changes took a meager thirty days; in one short month, the franchise was now sustainable and profitable, bringing a green and clean element to the industry of car repair.

from Tymrk LLC


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