Car Problems You Can Smell

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When you first buy a car, for a few months, you’ll be able to smell the coveted “new car odor.”  As far as identifying car smells, you should trust your nose to help you identify major car problems. In fact, there are a  few smells that are indicators of car problems. The smell is often a symptom of the issue, and if you become proficient in identifying the smells, you can often figure out the where they stem from. Knowing these smells and what they mean could prevent you from facing some serious and unexpected breakdowns, which can be hassles to deal with. To be safe, never ignore unusual smells or smells that you don’t seem to recognize. If you do smell something unusual, it’s better to take your car immediately to the repair shop in order for the technicians to decide whether you need any repairs done. If you catch small repairs early before they turn into something huge, you will most likely save yourself unnecessary expenses.


Tymrk LLC helps you identify the smells that might cause you the most car trouble.

The Car Care Council provides a sniff test in order to figure out if something you smell is harmful or innocuous. Here are a few smells, you should be careful of:

Burnt Rubber: Smelling burnt rubber could signify slipping drive belts or misplaced loose hoses that could potentially be brushing against accessory drive pulleys which would cause damage. If the engine are is hot, do not reach in because you could possibly be burned by the engine.

Hot Oil: Smelling hot oil could signify that there is oil leak. This oil might be seeping into the exhaust system. If you need to verify there is in fact an oil leak, look beneath your car or truck on the pavement. Most likely, see oil on the concrete. You also might notice smoke coming from the engine compartment.

Gasoline: Smelling gasoline could more than likely mean there is a gas leak in a place like the fuel injector line or in the fuel tank. Fuel leakage could be a dangerous fire hazard, so you should quickly address the smell to be as safe as possible.

Burning Carpet: Smelling burning carpet could very well mean that your vehicle is having brake issues, and this could be very easily be a safety hazard. You should have your brakes checked out immediately in case you

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