Before Visiting An Auto Repair Shop

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When you visit the repair shop, you should know a few important tips to follow so that you save money and get a fair deal. Whether you notice your car making an unusual noise or something breaks in your vehicle, you shouldn’t let auto repair shops take advantage of you. Some tips for visiting the mechanic include:


Follow a few of these tips before visiting the auto repair shop.

Insist on a written estimate. Most states will require repair shops to write you a written estimate so that if the estimate rises 10%, the state requires the shop to contact you and inform you of the cost increase. This will protect you from the auto repair shop taking advantage and increasing the repair costs without letting you know.

Get another opinion. Once you find a mechanic you like, you continue using them. If the mechanic claims you need repairs that will put you in financial distress, you should then seek a second opinion much like you would visit a second doctor for another opinion. This cross-reference technique might help you save money on the repair.

Check out the shop’s labor rate. In most states, the labor rate will be posted in the shop for customers to see firsthand. These tables will tell you how long the job typically takes. The actual time the shop takes might vary from the estimate, but sometimes these rates are negotiable. Do your research.

Ask for your old parts. In a number of states, you can verify that new parts were installed by asking for the old parts back. This shows the mechanic that you are aware and know somewhat about repair services. Also, find out if the parts have core value because of they do you could potentially sell them on the secondary market. If the mechanic wants to keep these parts, you should ask to be compensated.

Once you find a winner, stick with it. Okay, so you’ve found a repair shop that you trust and does a good job. Continue to use that shop because you’ve had a good experience with it. This is especially true if the shop has excellent and reliable customer service!

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